Apps for Business Central

Dynamics App Lab markets ready-to-use apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that replace old customizations systems and expand the functionality within finance, supply chain management and manufacturing.

At Dynamics App Lab we have a deep knowledge of the Business Central app market combined with decades of software development experience. This makes us the finest ally to guide you towards the best solution for your firm, being it a custom application or one of our Microsoft certified apps. Let us help you through the countless options available and make informed decisions, contact us now for a free consultancy. 

Best solutions in no time for your Business Central

Optimize work flows and business processes, avoid oversights and improve your organization efficiency through our apps. Over the years our team of experts has developed the best managing tools, based on the requests and feedback of customers. Our apps are available on Dynamics App Lab website or on Microsoft AppSource only; approved by Microsoft, download now and get a 30-days free trial. 

Following are some of our most popular apps you can add to your Business Central.

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AL Discounts and Pricing

Manage prices and discounts, including compound discounts, directly from Purchase and Sales orders. 

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AL Document Templates

Manage your documents with Templates. Choose among various documents and set up pre-populated fields in customized templates. 
Customize as many templates as you need.

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AL Finance

Know the outstanding transactions for a costumer, change the payment conditions on already issued invoices, delete, or modify, registered documents.

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AL License and Trial management

Manage the licenses of all your apps, including the free-trial versions, monitoring their status in a safe and easy way. Block the apps that run on expired licenses and keep track of users' count, all in one place. 

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AL Commissions

Commissions: streamline commission management for all your company's agents with automated calculations in Microsoft 365 Business Central.

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AL Combined Shipments

Issue combined invoices for specific shipment groups, according to the chosen criteria. Make processes easier and save time

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AL Dimensions

It adds up to 10 dimensions on each category giving you extended filtering options on your data and ledger entries. 

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AL Advanced Lot

Al Advanced Lot lets you manage pallets and external lots. You can easily enter tracking information in any document line (Sales lines, Purchase lines, Item journal lines, Prod. Order Line etc.)

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AL Update Posted Documents

Modify or delete posted documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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AL Bridge

Allows the connection between Business Central and external services

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AL Free Gift

Manage free gifts and free of charge transactions automatically, for VAT items and VAT exempt items, on Microsoft 365 Business Central.

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AL Zebra Printer

To print Zebra template labels on Zebra printers also from the cloud, for Microsoft 365 Business Central. 

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AL Payment Management & Outstanding balances

Modify payment conditions and know all the outstanding balances related to a specific customer or document. 

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AL VAT Control

Check the validity status of all of your customers' VAT numbers together.  Separate all the information retrieved from the VIES system regarding a Vat number within its specific fields.

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