AL Commissions

Commissions: Streamline commission management for all your company's agents with automated calculations in Microsoft 365 Business Central.

AL Commission passed the Microsoft certification and is also present on the Appsource portal.

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Having troubles calculating commissions?

Are you constantly facing incomplete data and complicated calculations?

The effectiveness of the company Sales department strongly depends on the team of agents and sales representatives in it. 

Their work needs to be accompanied by commission calculation procedures that are both advanced, but easy to carry out, that would keep the sales monitored and make sure deadlines are met. 

AL Commission is the new App, marketed by Dynamics App Lab, for Microsoft 365 Business Central, that helps you with commissions' calculation and optimizes process management. 

With just a few setups, you will get an overview of all the commission costs, calculated for individual agents and super-agents, depending on sold items and customers, determined by interval of time. 


AL Commission gives you the opportunity of:

• Calculating commissions of agents and super agents according to global categories of items and customers.

• Calculating commissions of agents and super-agents according to individual items and customers.

• Calculating commissions for determined periods of time and for particular conditions (of calculation).

• Automating commission calculation processes.

• Generating agents' purchase invoices automatically.

• Print a recap of agents' commissions, calculated on individual agent, with information regarding their team, billing customer, delivery point and item.

And many more!

Struggling to keep track of annual commissions?

AL Commission allows you to evaluate commissions on the turnover, on a specific percentage of cashed sales or on the totally cashed sales, per period of time.  (monthly, quarterly, biannual, annual)

This function is especially useful when it comes to high variability contexts, for example:

• When you have to calculate commissions for those agents who sold items, but have not received the payment yet or they will receive it by instalments. 

• When you have to calculate and print commissions on the annual turnover for each agent in the sales network. 

• When you have to calculate commissions on the quarterly turnover of a specific agent, that set a monthly commissions settlement and calculates commissions on the cashed payments.

Download AL Commission and find out all its functions!

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