AL advanced Lot

Manage traceability information of lots, packages and pallets directly from the document lines (Sales lines, Purchase lines, Item journal lines, Prod. Order Line etc.)

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Are there too many steps in the Lot recording process that cause mistakes in traceability?

How often do you find inconsistencies between warehouse storage and inventory data? 

Lot management is paramount to monitor the traceability of inbound and outbound warehouse items.

Finally, loading and unloading goods activities are simplified with AL Lot, that lets you manage lots directly from the document lines. 

New fields in the document line

AL advanced Lot adds five new fields to the documents' and journals' lines:

- the involved lot number

- the package number

- the serial number, when present

- the pallet number

- the external lot number, such as a vendor's lot 

Benefits of using this app

Our app also gives you the opportunity to modify such information directly on the journals, on orders or on warehouse and pick-and-put-away documents. This way the steps number will decrease and you will be able to manage traceability with a straightforward system, avoiding to go through menus. 

AL advanced Lot makes it possible to rapidly enter goods' information, such as inbound or outbound quantities of a specific lot, speeding up processes and avoiding potential oversights. 

Managing all these information straight from the lines, you will have complete control over your inventory journal. The system will recognize the lot, package, pallet and external lot numbers and will automatically separate them in different lines, so that it will be easier to make changes to the items quantities when they are not consistent with their real number.  

What are you waiting for? Download AL advanced Lot now and get a 30-days free trial. Contact us!

Click here for the user guide