AL Discounts                 and Pricing

AL Discounts and Pricing

Manage prices and discounts, including compound discounts, directly from Purchase and Sales orders. Make changes of prices or discounts on specific rows and set the payment terms on the invoice sum total. 


Have you ever felt hesitant about which prices and discounts have been granted to an order and you wish to manage invoices in a simpler and more intuitive way?

Would you like to manage compound discounts straight from the order documents?

AL Advanced Discounts and Pricing lets you manage prices and discounts directly from Purchase and Sales orders using our newly implemented fields

Benefits of using this app

AL Advanced Discounts and Pricing extends the functionality of Microsoft 365 Business Central and adds four new fields to purchase orders. This will enable you to edit prices and discounts, including compound discounts, directly from the order so you won't need to modify the price list:

  • Default compound discount, to manage compound discounts to be applied to every item by default
  • Forced compound discount, to forcibly modify a discount on a specific item (or row)
  • Compound discount, that shows any active discount on a row, according to the price list or to the new discount applied by the field "Forced compound discount"
  • Forced unit price, to forcibly modify the initial price of an item directly from the row

Alongside these four new fields for Purchase orders, two additional fields have been added for Sales orders, to apply discounts on the total amount due on the invoice:

  • Manual invoice discount, to manually set a final discount on the invoice, that overwrites the standard field "invoice discount"
  • Payment invoice discount, to apply a discount associated with the payment terms, e.g. an additional discount for payments made by a specific date

To always be on top of the situation, AL Advanced Discounts and Pricing displays the total percentage of the discounts applied on the orders, therefore avoiding the chance of overlooking crucial information.

Download AL Advanced Discounts and Pricing and manage all your future orders in an easy and intuitive way.

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