AL Combined Shipments

Lets you issue combined shipments and invoices for specific shipment groups, according to the chosen criteria.

AL Combined Shipments passed the Microsoft certification and is also present on the Appsource portal. 


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Is your company creating hundreds of shipments and the time has come to issue invoices?


AL Combined Shipment lets you issue combined invoices for specific shipment groups, making processes easier and saving time.

Benefits of using this app

AL Combined Shipment issues invoices on all the shipped orders or on specific shipment groups that can be gathered by more than a hundred available criteria. This will make it possible for you to combine shipments by customer, discount type, destination and many more.

Start now with all the setups: choose your grouping criteria and begin issuing combined invoices.

Do too many fields to fill-in put you at risk of mistaking?

Use the Validate option of AL Combine Shipment and set up the automatic field completion.

Establish the field completion sequence and check the Validate box.

Issuing invoices has never been easier! Download it now

Click here for the user guide