HELP SECTION AL discounts and pricing

AL Pricing and Discounts enables you to efficiently manage prices and discounts on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central in a more intuitive way, reducing the likelihood of oversights.


How to use AL Discounts and Pricing

Determine the discount you want to apply to every line of the sales (or purchase) order and enter it in the Default compound discount field. This action will automatically set the Forced compound discount field. 

An useful feature allows the input of compound discounts (e.g., 10+5-2) and lets you manage everything in the same place, without the need to modify price lists for just a few exceptions. 

Even after filling in the Default compound discount field, you can still customize the discount for a specific line by modifying its respective Forced compound discount field.

How to know item prices and applied discounts

If you find yourself frequently wondering about the applied discounts or prices for an item, our app has you covered! You can now access all this information through the Compound discount field, that shows exactly which lines have an active discount, based on the price list. If the Forced compound discount field is populated, then its value will be displayed. 

Moreover, if you plan to modify the unit price field of a sales order line you can conveniently adjust that value using the Forced unit price field on that line. This will make sure that the new entered price will be the one used to issue the final invoice. 

  • Get shipment line: when this function is used, the system will automatically fill-in the field Forced unit price of the sales invoice line with the value imported from the sales order line unit price. This will guarantee that invoice line has the same price of the imported/corresponding sales order line. 
  • Combine shipment: when this function is used the same benefits above mentioned apply

Advantages extend to purchase order forms as well!

Consider this scenario: What if you need to apply an additional final discount to the invoice total?  

AL pricing and discounts offers you that flexibility: simply enter the appropriate percentage value in the Manual invoice discount % field. The system will overwrite the standard Invoice discount % field and automatically recalculate the due amount.

Finally, to apply a discount according to the payment terms, we developed the Payment invoice discount % field. Populate the field with the discount associated with a specific payment condition; for example, you can apply a discount for payments made by a certain date.