HELP SECTION AL Document templates

AL document templates allows for a more secure and efficient management of sales and purchase documents. Through specific templates, it is possible to set predefined values to generate documents with chosen parameters. This significantly speeds up document completion, as many fields can be defined during setup, preventing potential oversights by the user. Additionally, it enables the configuration of specific numbering for each document template, facilitating document differentiation through the assigned numbers.

How to setup Al Document Templates 

After installing the app, to use its features you need to enable them on the 'Document Template Setup' page. Open the page and enable Sales Document Template and Purchase Document Template: specific fields for these documents will appear on the same page, allowing you to enable or disable functionalities.

In this example, all templates are enabled. Therefore, whenever a new document is opened or when accessing the list of documents (e.g., sales orders or purchase invoices), you will be prompted to choose from the available templates. The subsequent page will then be filtered based on the selected document type.

An example will be detailed below.

By selecting a template, the sales order list that appears with it will already be filtered for that specific template. If you want to open the list without filters, select "Cancel," and you will be asked to confirm whether you want to open the list without the template filter. 

How to create new customized document templates

Navigate to the "Sales Document Templates" page and click on "New". 

On this page, you can create new document templates, modify existing ones or reach specific documents pages clicking on Documents.

When creating a new sales document template, the opening page will look like the following:

On this page, you can define the values you want to retain in the document template. For example, if you want to create a template that, by default, doesn't have accounting movements but only warehouse movements, activate the "No G/L Ledger Entry" button.

You can also make changes to the settings in the Sales & Receivables Setup, changes that will only be effective for that specific document template. Additionally, in the 'Number series' section, you can define a specific numbering for each type of template. For instance, in the following image, for the "NO ENTRY" template, the specific numbering 'NO_ENTRY' has been set for sales orders. 

When opening the sales order list, choose a sales document template among the ones that are available; or press new to create a new one.

This way, when choosing 'NO ENTRY' as the template, the 'NO_ENTRY' numbering will be automatically suggested and the new document will take on all the associated field values. Therefore, Sales orders can be filtered through the document number.